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Printability in Joomla – printing – Add Print Stylesheet plugin

Many users of the site need to be able to print the material in Joomla, but not all of the resources offered to do this. Consider a plugin that allows you to print the document, and also helps to customize the page style.

Printability в Joomla

This extension loads the CSS style to the document template of Joomla, so when pressing Ctrl+P you have the opportunity to print the material with preset style settings.
What is this plugin?
The fact that you can remove undesirable elements in the pages before printing, for example, modules, banners, navigation menus, etc. for handling a possible waste of printer ink by printing unnecessary details, such as the document’s background color, images, etc.
Now consider how a plugin with the name Add Print Stylesheet.
The installation takes place in several stages:
Load plugin in Joomla.
Activate it in the plugin Manager (by searching for “System – Add Print Stylesheet”), including the name of the CSS style settings.
Prepare the CSS file and upload it to the folder: title_your_template/css.
To create a CSS file styles, copy the following code into a text document and call it printability.css
body {color : #000000; background : #ffffff; font-size : 12pt; ] a { text-decoration : underline; color : #0000ff; ] #navigation, #advertising, #other, #sidebar { display : none; ] @media print { body { font-size: 10pt ] ] @media screen { body { font-size: 13px ] ] @media screen, print { body { line-height: 1.2 ] ]
Then, after downloading the file in the folder: title_your_template/css watch any document on the website, turn on the print.


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