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Gestures by errnio – implementation of gestures in Joomla

Gestures by errnio is a plug-in gesture control, users of your site. These gestures, you can install a certain actions, which is very convenient when viewing the gallery on a tablet or mobile device, etc.

This tool expands the possibilities of gestures that are often used when viewing sites on mobile devices, as they allow you to save a lot of time. So using the module you will be able to retain visitors and increase interaction with the website.
Without the addition of banners, this decision will increase revenues. A revolutionary solution for modern projects.
Scrolling – when you scroll the page up and down, the user shows recommended articles to help you navigate through the project.
Scrolling – swiping left or right with your finger, this action enables quick viewing of your content by switching views adaptive layout in the gallery.
Pat – action produces a text selection, and also optimizes the viewing of auxiliary content and relevant information.
The increase – everything is clear without words – the ability to view photos in a larger view.