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Initial setup of system CMS Joomla


The initial configuration of the CMS system Joomla suggest the installation of major components, plugins, modules, etc. on your site, then it is easy to manage the project in the future.
настройка системы CMS Joomla

How to install Joomla, you can read the link to Install Joomla.
We will examine only a few components, without which you have worked long and hard to understand the intricacies of this CMS.
So, after the installation we will need the following extensions:
Akeeba Backup
What are these two components?
The first is to create backups, which, no doubt, is a major task for any webmaster.
The second extension is needed to create a site map that is necessary for search engines. Otherwise you will just lose a huge amount of time making links manually.
You will also need to remove article id in the articles, as for
SEO you need to follow a more meaningful name in the materials.
There are a huge number of different modules, plugins and components for this system, but the most important I have outlined just above.
One component, which is responsible for redirecting pages, responds extension ReDJ. Using it, you will be able to eliminate unwanted errors that occur after misspelling the URL, or redirect user from old pages to the new ones.
By clicking on the link you can read and install these components.
In the future I will refer to the lessons on Joomla on your website dedicated to Photoshop tutorials and Joomla.
Here, we will contact you to discuss SEO tools and software, components, extensions, which will help to convert a website to a wonderful project, which in the future will become a great resource.