Today we will talk about how to change the order of content in Joomla and more specifically, about how to distribute articles in the order in which you want to see them in the blog, category, etc.
Как изменить порядок материалов в Joomla

First we need to know to which category we will change the display order of the material.
To do this, go to the Manager and in the filter category, type the desired value. For example, I get it – Dentistry. Prosthetics.
Now look for the box with the name of the Order, and click on it.
After this step you should see fields for entering a position number of your articles – here set the values in the order in which you want to display them on the site.
Next, click on the save icon, as shown in the figure below.
By default, Joomla sets the parameters for the blog, where are the materials in the order in which you specified them earlier, or in the distribution, which in Joomla itself will fit. To avoid this, you must do the following:
Go to the menu Manager.
Then choose from the existing values. In this particular example – Prosthetics.
Now go to the settings menu and set parameters of your blog under the order materials – order of the materials Manager.
Save menu item and go to the blog – it should work!