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Jomsocial – component to create a social network in Joomla


Jomsocial is a special component and also implemented the solution in ready-made Joomla templates to install on your social networking site. With paid and free modules, plugins that are represented in the network, you can organize a unique website. At the moment, in my opinion, this is one of the most popular components for such solutions, but the best of them.

So, what can you do with Jomsocial?
First, you get a ready-made system for managing photos, videos, events and many other content.
Secondly, you can invite in a group, create blogs (if necessary), address the message to another user on the website etc.
In the end, we get completely ready social network. But if its filled with unique content, we get a popular resource, which will be on TOP for a few weeks.
The integration of social activity such as comments, polls, etc.
The users profile is set different statuses, photos, rankings, etc.
Support for photo galleries, where you can post your photos, introduce the location and description for it.
Social video gallery – view your videos online without downloading on third-party services.
Events – the opportunity to organize their personal space and also help the users to know about your activities, both inside and outside the social network.
User groups – possibility to invite your community with unique content.
The extensibility of the system through additional solutions: plug-ins and third-party modules will strengthen the position of this component.
The protection is organized at a particular level and offers a system from scammers and spammers, for example, the service comment track record.
Integration with other social networks Facebook. With it you can go to Jomsocial.
The ability to install a social networking site running CMS Joomla.
Support for third-party developers, and numerous plugins and modules for the system.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.