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Free website creation with online designer Jimdo perhaps using one of the offered templates or by implementing your own custom template.
It should be noted that operation according to the online designer possible if there is tangible knowledge in HTML and CSS.
конструктор сайтов Jimdo

The first step to using the constructor is the “Register” button, clicking on which you will be able to choose a template. For ease of search and selection all the templates are grouped by theme. When the procedure is completed, the site will be hosted on the network.
In that case, if the selected template upon closer inspection you do not like online website Builder Jimdo gives you the opportunity to change it.
The use of templates Jimdo for site creation
When using this constructor has a number of peculiarities in the composition of each page are:

the content area;
the navigation menu;
side panel;
footer(the footer).

Each section has a corresponding description, and it should read to understand how most effective to work with the resource.

If in the process it took to make the edits online designer Jimdo gives you the opportunity to do it. So, the page elements can be modified by clicking the left mouse button. In the case of image, you must use the button “Upload image”, then click “Save”.
Change the text occurs in the same way, but here is a feature of the system does not provide the ability to change the font.
Edit the main content involves working in the field, divided into three columns. Unnecessary you can remove, and a new one to add. You must first press the blue button, then using the “+” sign or basket to add/remove columns:
Unnecessary elements of the template are removed using the cursor and select the “trash” icon.
Navigation menu
The navigation menu is on the left side of the website. Using the “Edit navigation menu” it is possible to remove or add new items. In addition, it is also possible to move the links in the menu and manage the hierarchy of pages.

Adding your own template
This option is suitable for experienced users who will deal with built-in HTML5 editor.
To start working in the template menu, select the “custom template” where you will be given the opportunity to work with HTML code and CSS. But it is worth remembering that this option is only for those who understand the principles of HTML.
The main point is to insert a Jimdo template variables in the source code than can only be used by experienced users.
Features designer
Online designer Jimdo has a number of advantages and disadvantages.
The main advantages of the designer:

ability to use your own template;
a wide range of modules;
simple parameter setting of the site;
a simple change of design of the site;
simple and rapid generation of new pages if necessary.

The disadvantages include the complexity use your own template without having a special training, a number of problems with the interface.

Working with Jimdo is possible within the pay rates Business or Pro. In General, the designer is a Great solution for those who have some experience in this field.