Let us consider one of the most effective plugins compress and combine CSS and JavaScript files in Joomla. EXTENSION is NO LONGER SUPPORTED by the DEVELOPER, This extension can connect?the CSS and JavaScript files, compress HTML, remove HTML comments, gZip JS and CSS components. This plugin requires absolute support PHP5! You only need time to customize it, and the site is fully operational ? you may get a couple YSlow points, reduce the number of HTTP requests and the load on your server. Now for the settings jFinalizer. So, in the basic settings include the following items: Ste Mode ? shared site mode 2 values ? ready and in development. Debugger ? debug component of the plugin. compression HTML HTML comments , Tag Generator process JavaScript ? compact?JavaScript JQuery NonConflict ? the ability to combine several scripts of various modules under the?JQuery. process CSS ? compact?CSS always skip files ? the exception of those files that are incompatible with the file extension. gZip output ? allows you to record changes in htaccess or in php. Followed by additional parameters:

 Tag Support check conditional CSS? Advanced: Place Tags Advanced: Delivery Path Remote File support joomla subdirectory cache lifetime in s the advantages of Using this component, you can improve and speed up your site without separately introducing code into a different file system. Using the plugin, you have the opportunity to cancel the previous action by configuring the extension. InSJRE9up2g