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JCH Optimize – optimizing scripts and HTML pages in Joomla

JCH Optimize

JCH Optimize is a plugin that optimizes your web pages for quick access. In addition, many parameters are not configured through the code in the file .htaccess, but directly through the extension in the plugin Manager.
JCH Optimize

This extension greatly simplifies the tasks of site administrators, especially those who are not familiar with php, programming, etc.
Thus, you can set parameters such as the inclusion of sprites, the image type, the inclusion of additional options.
For those who have purchased the PRO version of this plugin, you can configure the inclusion of inline CSS styles, search the entire document, the inclusion of inline java script, asynchronous loading, and more.
With JCH Optimize, you can enable directly the data in the file .htaccess and exclude certain scripts and CSS styles, typing them into a separate field.
The main parameters of the plugin are the following: compile and link CSS, Java script, file compression with Gzip, the reduction and optimization of HTML, CSS, etc.
The possibility of optimization of Java script, HTML, CSS.
Write directly to the file .htaccess.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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