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JCE editor for Joomla

JCE редактор

JCE editor is the most popular component of Joomla users who are accustomed to using the most advanced solutions in the field. Not difficult to guess, he is popular due to its simple but useful features.

As the JCK Editor, this extension is absolutely free to download and use. Premium ingredients are only a few plug-ins and add-ons to it.
Very convenient to insert links (both external and internal), as the component is equipped with intuitive design, as well as all attributes.
You can also set the link to the image, edit the text, and paste the code.
For ease of use JCE editor is superior to virtually all equivalent, but of course there are small errors when editing material.
Syntax highlighting is not great, so if you’re used to working with HTML code directly, you will be hard to get used to such processing the articles. Moreover, it is turned off by default…
Otherwise, it can be noted that almost all items can be customized to your requirements and delete those that you don’t use at all.
User friendly interface and simple settings.
Adaptation to any screens.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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