Today we will discuss with you the wonderful feature that allows you to configure compression for pages in Joomla, combine CSS code. Take a look at this extension in more detail. so, jbetolo helps to improve the load time of your site by Association. Compression. Minimize. Saving the generated file with correct http header so that your visitors are looking for the cached data.  you can Also highlight some of the key features of the plugin: it solves the conflict of javascript libraries and individual items, allowing you to consistently load the libraries and code necessary to remove the conflict by stopping. Works in block mode, which means the merger recent files, and is used to replace the random generation of new. Remove unwanted js/css files without the need of editing the code in the extensions that load extra data. Association to indicate files that should be removed or excluded from the merge process. The exception of certain components from the application plugin jbetolo. move js scripts to other headers, the bottom of the page or leave as is. move the js merged file as well as not United to the bottom of the page or leave them in the header. You need to consider the fact that can affect the internal javascript files. leaves intact the js files in IE. Option term caching. There are settings for upload to a CDN server, multiple different types of files and CDN services.   component