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Luxembourg garden (Jardin du Luxembourg) — Palace and Park ensemble in the center of Paris, a famous landmark of the city. Former Royal, and nowadays the state Palace Park in the Parisian Latin quarter occupies an area of 26 hectares. The Park is the Luxembourg Palace, which houses the Senate, the second chamber of the French Parliament.

Panorama of the Luxembourg garden
Luxembourg garden from the North is limited to the Palace of the same name and the “Small Palace” (Petit Palais), which is the official residence of the President of the Senate, the greenhouse and the Luxembourg Museum (Musée du Luxembourg), and from the East — the Paris national school of mining (École des Mines). The garden can be divided into two parts: around the Palace is broken in the XVII century in a strictly geometric pattern in the classic French style flowerbeds and terraces in the Eastern and South-Eastern part arose later parkland in the English style.