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Decided to write a post about the stupid (not stupid, but stupid) head of IT Department of LLC “Multidom trading”, the name of this creature Illuminated Daniel. His command is a son of a..OK, who’s licking his balls (which he admitted) by the name of Gevorg Arevshatyan. What these people have in common – read on…

Thus, the manner of the Moscow OOO “Multidom trading” hired “serious” person with minimal features, Illuminated from the ass of the geography of where he came from (the name speaks for itself).
Don’t know the Russian language, selects employees with the same knowledge of the Russian language, not professional from the hair root to any acceptable level of adequacy.
Illuminated Daniel
Gevorg Arevshatyan
Entangled in the values, for example, the snippets (for web programmer at least strange), doing work through the ass, for example, the feedback form, on which almost no leads, he knows exactly Russian language (although this is not surprising for Yerevan bastard).
These 2 goof can’t do anything, it is easy to prove – look at the site multidom.ru – and all will understand. Here even to explain especially do not need: go to the site, and if you wanted to leave your contact details or buy something, then you are one of the 1000, congratulations! The first was listed as the head of It Department, and second, it guy, webmaster. If you look at the website it is possible to the naked eye to notice the squalor that they do:
As you can see from the screenshot, the webmaster can only speed up the website for the rest he simply not care… because those shares that he has done and the feedback form is complete shit, which only works on the toilet in the center of Moscow on Tverskaya!
As for the “puzomerok”, the site is clearly involved head of Department, i.e., over l..h, because for 11.5 years X = 160, and attendance a maximum of 200 unique visitors from the search provided on the website type of work… And the Director of assholes-Department type-versed in SEO-promotion – it would be very funny if I didn’t hear that 100 times from this shit as he is…
In short, the poor design of a century ago decided to replace it with modern design and under В2И segment, what else will be done in sooo long, you can start to count down the time.
Main the type of stupidity versed head of It-Department:
to focus and leave the sites with duplicate content, all BIZ and tiu;
to prove his stupid opinion to others, while not based on anything specific;
not knowing the Russian language, inability to formulate a problem in CRM, which he himself established for employees;
contextual advertising is made to do – a lawyer!!!;
all tests are conducted on the basis of marketing objectives, and based on the dumb opinions of the head of the IT Department;
recruitment shall be made through the same stupid security service of the company, which can be contacted by phone +7-917-533-4961!
As for the company as a whole – the usual Moscow office, nothing remarkable, with the shit-head of the it Department, and assistants in contextual advertising – lawyers, and the same zhopniki other programmers of the website, for example, Satnami it.p. Anyone who has worked in this firmeshke charité article and share with others!
The results