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Overview of components for creating the Joomla website online store


You want to create your own online store in the CMS Joomla and don’t know where to start? We will help you with this, and consider 3 special solutions that are designed for the organization of a project.
Обзор компонентов для создания на сайте Joomla интернет-магазина

To start, you need to determine for yourself what features an online store you need. For example, if you have a small shop or you want to sell only digital products, then you can use settings such as: ordering product, its characteristics, ways of delivery and payment, as well as the ability to download digital goods if required or its description. If you plan to install a whole Arsenal and a huge number of products, then you need to have more opportunities, for example, methods of delivery and their choice of payment system and their differences, descriptions for each of the products, their characteristics, differences, quick search for products, etc.
Let’s see what components will be able to meet your needs.
It is the best variant of the organization on their own Internet shop, if you have little experience with this type of sites, and if you have not yet decided the full list of functions and settings that are on your site. In addition, here you can find everything: special coupons and discounts to regular customers, the delivery methods in the country, any payment system and more. The only possible downside would be a paid subscription (of 10 products or more), but this is offset by the fast loading of scripts that run on a third party server, a great design that can be adjusted, convenient shopping, etc., etc., In General, everyone will find something new in this component. Everything is done perfectly, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time modifying the code, or the introduction of third-party developers – everything is there, but for a price!
Overall rating: RECOMMEND to EVERYONE!
This type of online store available on our website in the relevant section. It has almost all the necessary settings – select categories, products, cart, shipping and payment and more. The only drawback may be considered that almost all the modules of payment systems, the plugins are paid, although the extension can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. If you just need a store to sell their digital solutions, then this most suitable option in my opinion as it already has all the settings for these purposes. But if you want more, for example, to create your cart, search products and make the design more comfortable, then you’ll need programming knowledge and diligence as not all questions can be answered on the forums, which are dedicated to this component. The answer is simple – you want a minimum of features at once – then is the solution for you, if you want a full shop with a variety of options and “chips” – then you have to Tinker or to choose another solution.
Overall rating: RECOMMENDED!
A great component for those who are just starting their journey to the building on its website an online store. He is also the most popular, judging by the number of downloads of free extensions and installation on numerous projects. As JoomShopping – this system is the same – you install the free component, but almost every one of the additional modules, payment systems, etc. are paid, so I recommend just to see the capabilities of the component. In principle a good decision, even on a free basis, but with the settings, and especially changes in the expansion definitely will have problems, as it was originally designed for foreign users, and therefore the payment system other than in Russia. Of course, special modules, plugins, sliders, etc., but for the organization on its website a full-fledged Internet store will have to connect the programmer, as in the subtleties of the work is very difficult to understand.
Overall rating: SUGGEST, BUT NOT ALL!
So, to sum up:
To create an online store, you need to know exactly what functions you need, how much you are willing to spend to support change, implementation of additional modules, plugins, etc.
Technical support
The cost