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Shooting interiors – how to remove the interior

The following paragraphs will be only recommendations, as each photographer might have their own technique of shooting interiors. In addition, you will be presented to the court a few photos, which will be the identification of the correct angle and method of photographing only from my point of view, i.e. subjective. Anyway, use their experiences, share experiences and discuss such a technique is how to remove the interior!

Съемка интерьеров - как снимать интерьер

The first, and probably most important thing I would like to pay attention to is the technique you are using. Of course, the better it is, the better your photos will be. Best for shooting interiors will fit a medium format camera or digital necropolis matrix will also need a good lens (preferably a ‘fix’), perhaps (but not necessarily) a special nozzle in the form of tilt-shift lenses (with offset axes), and a strong stable tripod.
After that, it is advisable to set the “panoramic head” for the panorama, putting the camera on a fixed tripod – this will save time on image processing and reduce the number of bad shots. All sorts of additional “gadgets” like a detergent for a lens for a tripod, etc. can be omitted, since these devices are mandatory for every photographer in some cases.
Go to the light. It should be noted that when shooting with flash you need to avoid setbacks in the shadows, and try to use it only in rare cases, as conventional incandescent bulbs should be enough. Also be careful when you install the excessive amount of light – that you can kill the grid.
Try to make the interior in such a way that an ordinary person could not see it artificial light source – it will give the photos more realistic. But also stick to your techniques of photography – place volume objects, as too elaborated things don’t have it – they become more boring.
Photographers made use of 2 types of lighting: halogen and pulsed light sources. As for the former, they will give your images a yellow tint, and the second is similar to daylight. The difference between them is that when you use halogen sources, you can immediately determine how much they will need in the future, but about the pulse, then the cost is more expensive but more powerful lighting. In addition, pulsed light gives a glare that could adversely affect the final result.
There are times that the customer asks to make a good view from the window, or, on the contrary, the problem becomes very bright lamp. In this case you need to remove the interior separately: the window and the room itself, while using different light sources. To avoid flashes in certain areas, just close the source of distortion in front of the lens.
Very clear look of the photo, which shows clear outlines or details. Also presentable to look after the repair of such a point of view, for the customer it was clear what the Wallpaper, or as tile flooring in the bathroom.
Working with cameras of different types, as well as using the lenses, carefully explore the perspective correction, to edit it in Photoshop.