Website promotion instroysnab.ru – statistics for 1 year

Search Engine Optimization

Firm “Stobart” (100 Fart), which is located in Saint Petersburg. We will discuss in detail the issue of promotion of website and increase the quality indicators of this project. Sell fences, nets and related materials, which is highly competitive for the North West.

We had a very bad, but very crude resource, explain why.
First, the site was built on Modx CMS which is famous for its useful features such as download speed, technical performance, etc. (all the items you list will not find them on specialized resources).
Second, the site did not even have the file robots.txt there were no properly written meta tags for the main and other pages that immediately suggests that :SEO is not doing, or doing very bad…
Thirdly, the position of Googla pleased, because unlike Yandex, foreign search engine searches for better information. While we have not added the site map through the service “Yandex Webmaster”, he was not able to correctly handle it. But better late than never!
So, proceed to the main analysis of the project. Below we will try in chronological order to show our activity on the site.
The creation of the semantic core

For a start we have created from the site map page list for further promotion, then moved them to a separate MS Excel document. Then noted in the table cells that need improvement page titles, descriptions, number of symbols for them. Also as a separate item said resource indexing in search engines, the presence of CNC, URL, etc. All of these items you can see in the image above.
About the convenience of this approach needless to say, since everyone knows that you clearly presented the structure of the site in the form of documents with links (which is much easier to find each page and their subsequent edits). This is particularly important for CMS where the CNC is used instead of the id, component, etc.
The process of performing a task

To not to forget anything and complete tasks within a specified period (without CRM), you need to register them in Excel. It is also useful to note in the table the percentage degree of readiness of each item. Red color can highlight the most important tasks in the SEO promotion.
All processes and actions to describe is not enough even several articles, so we move on to our next point.

It is always useful to know your competitors, if not in person, then at least at the URL address. To calculate them is very simple – you type in the search string required the keyword for which you want to move, and write to the table of links and names of companies. Also very useful would be to go to a URL and to capture the distinctive features of each site, which subsequently will be the starting point to improve your project.
The result of the work on 29.12.15
The queries we “burn” certainly will not, but will show a trend of progress on Yandex (who fell in love with this website thanks to our work…).

In addition, of course, optimized to work on the advertising companies (see presentation), created from scratch a mobile version of the website (which resulted in significant number of clients), and many other actions :SEO:.

If you decide to build your website or optimize it for search engines, you can make a request here, stating in the letter that make the order through our website. All participants will be given bonuses that you can get a free domain name, month of hosting, etc.
*The number and quality of bonuses depends on order value.

Presentation – Презентация