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Continuing our series of tutorials on creating gorgeous CG illustration of the incredible Hulk.
невероятного Халка.

Теперь мы добавим гладкость кожи и уберем неровности. Выбираем “smoothing” кисть, меняем её цвет на #081603 и красим щеки, шею, морщины, нос для того чтобы выделить выражение лица.

Создание великолепной CG иллюстрации невероятного Халка

Now we will add smoothness to the skin and remove the bumps. Select “smoothing” brush, change its color to #081603 and paint the cheeks, neck, wrinkles, nose to highlight the face.
Step number 47
Now add the softness of the skin of the character. Now choose Smudge Tool by pressing the N key and pressing “F5” to access the brushes panel. Select a brush size of 20 pixels, hardness 0% and spacing 25%. Set the value spread is 38% and count to 3, then click “transfer” (transfer) and set “flow jitter” to “pen pressure”. Do not forget to enable anti-aliasing. Save the brush as “blending” (mixing).
Step number 48
Press Ctrl + A to select all the scene and go to the “Edit” menu (edit), click “Copy Merged” (to copy the United layers). You can use the command menu by pressing the hot key Shift + Ctrl + C. Now paste the result on a new layer, select Smudge Tool and take the brush blending, which we created in the previous step. Begin to smooth the skin to obtain the perfect texture.
Step 49 – Adding hair eyebrows
In this step, we paint the hair of the eyebrows of the character. To do this, select the smoothing brush, change its size to 2px and color to #0a100d, paint the eyebrow hairs. Change the brush color to #172018 and add the glow on the hair of the eyebrow. Next step change the brush size by 10 pixels and add smoothing to the corners of the eyebrows.
Step number 50
Downloadable brush “Blur’s good brush 4.0 pro” and uploaded a set in the brushes panel, choose the “Silk brush – 1”. Change the brush color to #090d11 and the size to 50 pixels and paint the hair of the character.
Step number 51
Pick the brush “Hair – fine” (hair – definition) from the package “Blur’s good brush 4.0 pro” collections, change the brush color to #505e6d and paint over the parts of hair of the character. Now let’s change the size, which will allow the hair to look realistic.
Step number 52
Then custom your character. Choose the soft brush and draw shadow, and muscles and chest. Change the color of the brush if necessary, avoid 100% bleaching of color and pure black.
Step number 53
Choose a soft brush size of 40 pixels and color #9aad6d, customizable light for the character.
Step 54 – Adding texture to the skin
Now we will add texture to the skin of the Hulk. To do this, select the brush called “Concrete – 2” (Concrete-2 level) and change the brush color to #bdbaac and begin to add detail to the skin of the character. Change the brush color to #394c16 and add a dark texture to balance skin texture. Reduce the opacity of the texture layer to 80% if necessary.
Step number 55
After you add textures you can add the mask for extra detail. Select the texture layer and click on the icon create layer mask “layer mask” on the layers panel. Select a soft round brush with opacity 40%, press D to set foreground as black. The white color will mask that selects parts from the skin.
Step number 56
Choose “Concrete – 2” brush and change the brush color to #b4b3a2. Now add the light skin of the character.
Step number 57
Repeat step 56 add light and character to give it realism.
Step number 58
Hulk looks uniformly green in color, so we add warm colors to give life to the character. Select a soft brush with color #cbc129 add character and warm colors. Change the blending mode.
Step number 59
Increase the brush size to 100 pixels and set the hardness to 0%. Change the brush color to #d5c600 & db8c16 and a little warm color character. Set the layer blending mode to “color” (color).
Step number 60
Now we will add light to the character. Select the brush “sketching” (sketch), which was created earlier, and select the item “opacity jitter” to “pen pressure”. Change the brush size by 10 pixels & color on #cfddbf and start to add lines around the edges of the character.
Step number 61
Next, select a soft brush of black color and hide the bottom edge of the character. Then pick the brush “Spotted -3”, change the color to #081f05 and add texture to the underside of the Hulk. Grouped all the layers with Ctrl + E, merge them together and rename the layer to “Character” (Character). Duplicate the layer with the Hulk, we remove the color from the layer and change the blend mode to “Hard light” (Hard light), then change the opacity to 20%.
Step 62 – Adding wounds to the skin
Now we add wounds, cuts character. Pick the brush “Cut(Multiply)” (Cut(Multiplication)), change the color to #1d1f11 and add cuts on the skin. Next, choose the brush “Stitch(Multiply)” (Seam (Multiplication)) to add stitches.
Step number 63
Add a little blood from the stitched wounds. Create blood with a stiff brush of size 10 pixels and color #490707. Select the brush “sketch” (sketch) that we created in this tutorial, change the brush color to #ce9696 and add light to the blood. Next, change the brush color to #36180e and add shadows to the blood on the body, giving it natural. To change the color of blood from red to green, create a new layer and fill it with color #093900. Right click on the layer and selecting “Create Clipping Mask” (create clipping mask) – we will change the layer mode to “color”.
Step 64 – the Addition of color correction
It’s the last action in this lesson. Now we need to add colors and adjust the Hulk to make the character perfect. Add a curves layer with the following settings: Input 113, the Output-113. We will add color balance: red +5, Green +10, Blue -5.
Step number 65
The end result of the Hulk. Enjoy!

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