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Image Processor – use functions in Photoshop

One of the most remarkable features of the Adobe Photoshop program is the creation of operations and the automation of action. Thus it is possible to reduce significant time when editing or creating templates. Today we will analyze the function as Image Processor.
Image Processor

What is this function?
If you have, say, a lot of the same photographs, and want to resize them, and save in a specific folder, you do not have to use additional programs – enough to load a certain set of operations on images. Consider in detail all the subsequent actions.
So, go to program menu File – Scripts – Image Processor and select the desired options.
In this case we will take the folder to process the files, output folder for the finished images and the size of photos that we want to see in the end.
How it looks in the picture.
That is, we need to select the folder for editing (you can put a check in the Include All sub-folders if you need to process all photos in the inner folder). Next, set the location of the processed files. This can be the same value or a different folder.
You also have the ability to save images to JPG, PSD, TIFF.
Insertion of the values in the column width and height, e.g. 800×600 and click on the button Run.
If the images a lot, you have to wait until the script will perform all operations.