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ImageRecycle image optimizer – compress images in Joomla

ImageRecycle image optimizer is a single solution for optimizing your images with the help of special service. If you have a lot of pictures, and, especially, high-resolution, the set of plug-in component will help shrink pictures on the fly very quickly.
ImageRecycle image optimizer

People are very impatient in front of a slow loading site, and there’s even the result of such recent research – if the site is loaded more than 4 seconds, then there is a 24% bounce visitors. Therefore, content optimization is the most effective medium than any other tool acceleration pages.
Images can be from 60% to 80% by weight of the pages, so their immediate optimization would accelerate the page loading in 3 or more times. On average, 25% of users leave the site at 4 seconds of inactivity the page has loaded, and this is very important for Your business on the Internet. In addition, it is extremely important for mobile devices, which is typically much slower than PC.
A special algorithm allows to reduce the size of the output file in jpg, png, gif up to 85% of its original value, while the image visually preserve their identity! In addition, you available mass data optimization.
Automatic compression of new photos and pdf.
Automatically compress your existing photos and pdf.
Automatic resizing of images.
Specify the settings for the compression quality by document type.
Determination of the maximum and minimum values of the amount of compression.