Ночной режим / Night mode

Image Before and After FX is a useful plugin for those who work in Adobe Photoshop and similar components. In addition to the purpose of this extension display photos before and after processing, it can offer entertainment structure, with which the user can always go back and see the original image and its modification after treatment.
Image Before and After FX

You immediately notice that this extension requires a setting in Flash size, background image, auto scroll and other parameters for the module. There’s nothing to worry as all the main parameters you can change and format .xml after download the extension from the developer’s site, but it’s better to install them immediately, as not all parameters can be edited.
There is the possibility of introducing how vertical scroll bar and horizontal for the sliders, which move across the screen. It is very convenient, especially if you have pictures of different sizes – portrait or landscape options.
You may choose from 3 display options. You also have the option to set the text, links, and other settings.
The ability to customize almost all basic settings through format .xml and the module itself.
Many settings to change, 3 different types of sliders.
The most realistic view in comparison with other analogues.