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HS Highlighter – code highlighting different types in Joomla

HS Highlighter

HS Highlighter is a special solution in the form of a plugin that allows you to set the code HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, etc. inside the article, as well as to highlight the syntax of each programming language.
HS Highlighter

The process of installation and implementation of this extension is very simple: you need to enable it in the plugin Manager, and then click the special insert button in the Manager when editing any article.
Very convenient is a plugin, so you can choose the syntax highlighting code. For example, you code CSS, then you choose from the list exactly, or Javascript – then you need to select another code highlighting.
Copy the code in the input window, save the material. After that you will see something like:
The ability to install different types of code.
Making excellent syntax.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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