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How to become a successful 3D artist

Как стать успешным 3D-художником

The work of a 3D artist has a lot of nuances. Creating high-quality graphics requires understanding which tools will allow you to get the best result. Most of the questions arise for novice artists who are just beginning to master this complex profession.

Do 3D artists need 2D drawing skills

Where to start training for a 3D artist what skills you need to get first, these questions concern many beginners . The biggest problem for them is projecting an ordinary drawing into a three-dimensional reality. This raises the question of how important 2D drawing skills are for a 3D artist.

Task of any artist is similar, his goal is to create a beautiful object. At first, it is important to understand what can be transferred from 2D to 3D in order to implement the idea. In the work of any artist, you can’t do without working with composition, color, and contrasts. The skill of creating two-dimensional drawings is definitely useful, but first of all you should focus on mastering the basic tools for creating 3D models.

Should a 3D artist have a specific specialization

A novice artist may be faced with the question of whether to focus on creating characters, game objects, or better learn to make models of any orientation. In the credits of any Western project (whether it’s a game or a movie), you can see that each type of object was handled by a separate specialist.

In the CIS countries, this is not the case, and it is primarily about much smaller budgets. The choice of any option, specific specialization or work in all directions, has its advantages. In the first case, the artist will not be left without a job, since he will have a high skill in his field. When choosing the second option, you should not worry about the availability of work, there will be more options for employment.

You can give young artists the two councils. First, you need to keep the middle ground. You can not go deep into a specific specialization, but still it is worth choosing what to do specifically. Secondly, you should study what is of the greatest interest, this is the key to creative success.

Popular modeling programs

Each 3D artist uses a specific set of software. Usually the kit looks like this:

  • 3ds Max;
  • Zbrush;
  • Substance Painter;
  • Substance Designer.

The work is not complete without the use of various additional programs. These include Photoshop, RizomUV, SpeedTree, and Marvelous Designer. A modern artist needs to know the Unreal Engine. Have demand for products such as Houdini, their main difficulty is the necessity of knowledge of programming.

There is no single standard for using software. The main Assembly point is not necessarily 3ds Max, it can be replaced by Maya or Blender. The principles of operation of different programs in many ways converge. To get a job, you need to be able to work with different software, the transition from one product to another should not become a problem.