Photo lessons

How to choose a camera and which one is better

Today we will learn with you how to choose a camera according to the basic requirements of a photographer or a normal user. For this you need to look at the variety of cameras which we offer manufacturers.
Как правильно выбрать фотоаппарат

First of all, consider the types of cameras and formats. They come in 3 types:
Small format cameras: a Compact camera (“soap”), (“creative”). The SLR camera.
Rangefinder camera.
Large format.
Now let’s talk about who what formats are preferable.
Small format cameras
For those who are not important characteristics of the camera and a maximum photo resolution, can choose.
Soap dish
For all of these cameras is a simplified menu to access the main settings of the unit, some of these cameras are completely automated and make the photography process simple and easy.
The price of this camera is low, and available to almost everyone, which also affects the final selection of the camera.
There are times when you must take a picture instantly, or when time is limited conditions. In this example, the “soap” are best suited for shooting high-quality images without manual settings.
Creative camera
They allow you to choose which mode to shoot in manual or auto, which already gives the photographer the choice to manage the device. Also the “creative” devices installed, as a rule, the more powerful the lens and flash, which of course affects the price, but it remains affordable for most users.
SLR camera
Data the camera has collected all of the above features of cameras.
In addition, they have the ability to replace the lens or attach external flash. The quality of such devices is much higher than “says” or “creative” models. But with the increase in the number of parameters increases and the price of the camera.
These devices are those for which they were intended. For example, professional photographers need a DSLR camera with lots of options, fast matrix, and for advanced Amateurs – a simple but at the same time, a high-quality device.
You need to consider the fact that these devices are very bulky, what does it benefit in final selection, but the quality of photos you will receive will more than pay for your investment.
Now let’s talk about the 2 format cameras:
Rangefinder cameras
They are the forerunners of SLR cameras and contain an optical rangefinder.
The rangefinder has two Windows on the front side of the camera, spaced a certain distance, and the viewfinder image of these Windows overlap each other. For accurate focusing on any object you want to combine both images in the viewfinder. However, this method of guidance as a result provides high accuracy in a variety of shooting conditions.
In most cases presented film versions of such devices.
Large format
Large format — a term used to describe work with photographic materials (films and plates) of size 9?12 cm or more.
In most cases, such cameras used by professional photographers for aerial photography and military applications.
Discuss what to choose: film or digital?
In short, the numbers the pros are that the footage you can see almost instantly on the screen of the camera or on the monitor screen by connecting the device. The advantages include minimal costs when buying a memory card and the camera. Besides, you can always remove material, or modify it in image editing programs. Adobe Photoshop lessons can be studied directly on the website.
Shooting film is expensive hobby. The traditional way of obtaining photos with film optical printing. The easiest way to print film in the darkroom. But this technique, too, there are pros using the creative ideas and selecting from a huge number of materials, makes this type of shooting is popular among professionals.
When there is no time and desire to understand aspects of photography, the segment of small-format cameras (“cameras”) are ideal for the beginner or those who want to take pictures without a thorough analysis of the device parameters.