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Browse hosting sites and choose the best one among them to work in SEO

Лучший хостинг

If you are developing your website, and plan to do professionally their projects on the Internet, then you need to connect to quality hosting, as it is a very difficult task, especially for beginners. However, this article describes the main points when choosing a quality host as well as what points you should pay attention to while signing the contract. Let’s start a detailed review of the hosting and choose the best among them to work in SEO!
Обзор хостингов

So, what settings need to pay attention in the first place?
Firstly, hosting should choose based on your preferences – namely, what the server load would be required, the number of files on the account (some providers require it is the quantity and not the quality of your files), php version etc. In each case, you also need to look at the differences between the tariff plans offered by the hoster. This might be a cheap fare, but with the increase of visitors, you will have to change it, and if you choose an expensive tariff, it may not come up to expectations, and you overpay a huge amount of money.
Secondly, you cannot just take what you think is perfect from the first perspective, be sure to read the reviews on other sites and forums. There are people who are “in the know”, they will no doubt tell you what features best hosting to adopt. My advice – do not hurry with conclusions until you examine the question thoroughly! In addition, you may simply not know the terminology and pitfalls that are so accepted to use “our” native hosters… but that’s no reason to change it to a foreign – as in this case, you may have difficulty with the language barrier, and “there” is also already sitting the boys.
Third, talk with friends, or with people you know from the good side – they will recommend a good hosting provider at a moderate cost. Although there is one point we cannot exclude the fact that people can tell the company where they are now. Thus, you are immune to the fact that this is the first and only host, and this in turn raises questions about the veracity of the words. So choose host only after reading all data about it and also learning as much information as possible on its services, the affiliate program, etc.!
We come to the fact that it’s still worth to check several hosters, we are going to do.
Perfect for websites, business cards, or small projects. Support long time responding. The resource has been on this hosting for about 1 year, during this time, encountered difficulties: crashes, accidents on the servers, etc In General, visit their website, you can immediately notice compared to other providers that their site is far from perfect, can not give them positive feedback. If you plan first to learn about how NOT to build a relationship with the hosting company – here you can learn about it!
Overall rating: ABSOLUTELY recommended!
The main unpleasant thing was that after registering the domain you want payment through a third-party Registrar. In addition, a fee of the domain you want to retain them. There is a paragraph in the rules: “one-time transfer any number of domains in the account was less than a year ago, on another account — 250 RUB. For accounts over the year — free”. In General, power outages, many responses from support and many other aspects of poor hosting. As you know, if there is one item that is not aimed at the end user, and to receive “grandmothers” with a birthmark, then there are other items of a similar nature, and to read carefully every paragraph of the contract I do not need, as there are more loyal hosters.
Overall rating: UNSATISFACTORY.
In General, a good hosting with high quality base and various tariff plans, but there are also disadvantages. For example, the load on the server (like many other hosters), as well as the long wait from support. In addition, the admin panel for me was not very comfortable, but it’s a matter of taste and habits. The main claim is the lack of quality service, small disruptions.
But the positive aspects is a reasonable price to buy domains!
In addition, the price depends directly on how many domains you buy is special offers for discounts, bonuses from other partners.
The host benefits from their loyalty bonuses and discounts that he can afford, as it is one of the largest in the country. If you already know how to configure the server, I recommend this provider, but will understand themselves, as it “brakes”! If you had experience in the work of the other provider, but are unsure of the correct the server configuration, you can use the service of installing all the required data on your server for a fee, and a small…
The main advantage of this hosting is that it’s cheap but at the same time quality. I used it for basic sites at first, since tariff plans very favorably with those of competitors, but if you want to get the most from technical support in the short term, and if you don’t know much about programming or setting up servers, etc., I recommend to see with hosting from sprinthost. About affiliate program we can not yet say anything, as it is not registered as yet a single customer for this host, but I think loyalty plays into their hands anyway!
If we compare the rest – I domains in use due to their cost!
Overall rating: RECOMMENDED!
The main feature of this hosting control panel. The technical support will help you, but with the condition that you are well versed in the topic of web development. This is NOT SUITABLE for those who are just starting to develop their projects, as well as those who want to quickly get a workable site. In addition, the rates of this host is not cheap, so you can watch something better. But most importantly – they stole a site that was on this hosting. That does not give confidence that this will not happen with other resources. There remained only a negative review on this host, as well as confidence that the services I never use… Also the feeling that don’t support uncle Bob electrician, who had just read an article about implementing scripts on the server… – don’t have anything else to say about this host!
Overall rating: do NOT RECOMMEND!
Not the most adequate of all hosting sites at the expense of flexibility, but the most inadequate due to its partner program! Although there have been some misfires, but technical support is very fast they are eliminated, and the sites started to work again. But big plus here – it’s completely free transfer of your projects with other hoster + bonuses for every action. Plans can even be picked up by any user, but the query via email support is a bit tiring for me. Overall, I had positive emotions while using their services. In addition, the cost is not exorbitant compared to other RPS, and user friendly control panel did the trick!
But, like any host, there is also not without surprises: for example, there are DoS attacks on their servers (as I understand it they filter is not necessary – in contrast to the same, and because of this your sites can simply “lie” for some time. But it should be noted that support fast fixes for this incident, but still unpleasant. Among other things, the rates clearly too high than, for example, As for the tariff plans as a whole, they are acceptable, but need to know what you pay for!
I would like to mention this fact, if you want to make an additional affiliate program, then most likely it will have to forget as this hoster is doing everything they can not to pay their “customers”. Invented the points in the affiliate program, as 6.6. and 6.7. Ie if the client clicked on your affiliate link and then changed the tariff plan, be sure that the money later from him you will receive is directly contrary to their own backlogs, which States that the partner is bound in service all the time. But the most important restriction on the withdrawal of money from affiliate programs is the availability of 3 clients. If I read all of their items limits, it is possible to state that the money will be only one who is engaged in promotion of sites than a year!!! Learn more about their affiliate program can be found here.
The main conclusion that can be drawn – for your money they will do all that is necessary, and in no time, but if you are an experienced user of a server and want to configure it, I recommend to choose something cheaper.
This host joined recently, but I can note some positive aspects of this provider. First, the host offers a huge number of tariff plans and add-ons (as I learned after). That is, if You need to increase the server space, then just buy an additional 1-2 GB. Excellent support service, which is very important, especially for the first time. In addition, prices do not bite, and even in some cases more flexible than the above competitors. Fast hosting, good support, add – ons- what else you need to work with the sites? And yet, this hoster at the time of writing, has been ranked in the top 3!
Overall rating: RECOMMEND to ALL!!!
So, to sum up:
First, for ease of use and the speed and quality of technical support, my choice fell on SPRINTHOST the only unpleasant thing was their “limitations” and not the perfect performance of their own functions!
Second, the cost of services and also the widest among the rest of the choice of domains and their registration is REG.RU – choose only if you already have experience in building websites or you are willing to understand them on their own!
Third, the most successful and stable hosting is Evrobalt, and competent technical support will QUICKLY help in difficult situations!
After analyzing all the information, I came to the conclusion that:
The choice of hosting is worthwhile in any case for you, but first of all, I suggest you read the reviews of real users, who have long enjoyed the services of different providers. Read reviews and recommendations you can follow the links just below (in each column of the corresponding host).
Technical support
The cost
Reviews and ratings
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