Ночной режим / Night mode

Today you can find a lot of information about how beautiful the streets and wonderful old buildings from famous architects of his time in St. Petersburg, how great here to meet their guests and a lot of other things that is considered to be a cultural city or the benefits of being in the second capital. But the reality is very different, or almost different. This will be discussed in this article: how often mistaken ordinary provincial people who come to the hyped metropolis, trying to cling to the last chance and improve their material well-being.


So, arriving in the best city in the world for many, you just need to prepare for deception, lies, intrigue and other shit that dips your head on arrival in a magnificent city with ancient arches, narrow streets and cultural Petersburgers. If you eat in St. Petersburg from Moscow, the initially point a 100 times worse on these indicators point B, so you’ll be happy to stand in traffic for 3 hours and only 1 hour. As for Moscow, I never liked it at the expense of the people who live there. This is basically visitors from the assholes of the world, who believe that they owe everything, and they are super talented in their own way.

It should be noted that the culture of life in St. Petersburg is much different from the same main capital or any other provincial town of our vast homeland. People are mostly responsive, ready to show you the way to the subway, the rest-it’s the same people as everywhere, with their bad habits and cockroaches inside. Yes, and they usually don’t know the numbers of neighboring buildings, but they are well versed in Nevsky Prospekt.


A normal day of St Petersburg

Let me give you a regular example from the life of St. Petersburg: a person gets up in the morning, dresses in 20 minutes, goes to the toilet and goes outside to, attention, stand an hour or two in traffic to work. If you enter the subway at the final metro stations, then you have a chance not only to stand in the crowd of sleepy, but also to sit on the seats in the car, but only until the next stop, when the grandmothers, grandfathers and women with children + pregnant and disabled people enter. Yes, they use public transport regularly, and you are just passing by.

Most of all I like aunts the size of a huge closet, which will certainly stand in front of you and will be hard to wheeze, groan, shift from foot to foot, rummage for half an hour in the bag in order that you just noticed them and gave way. There are even more #cultural Petersburgers who’s just arrogant to say “You can’t see the woman legs patients? We need to make room for her!”No, bitch, I’m in appearance to man and no x-rays are unable to identify patients at his feet/hands or not! Metro is still disgusting and the fact that it’s full of pickpockets, bad phouma people and constantly offering his shit, quarrels, the goods of everyone. Also, you will often meet the same pregnant women begging for 2-3 years in a row… Then, apparently, no one believes them.

After an hour and a half ride in the train you realize that you are a little tired just from the trip to work. All this action is accompanied by sad faces that sit inside their purchased iPhones with the last money.
Next is monotonous, well, or someone as lucky, work for work’s sake, where most people are pussies..t, quarrel, talk about nasuschih problems such as what face cream to buy at a discount or how badly they were served in the store, because they are the navels of the earth and they need to zhop.., quarrels, stick to kiss.

Then there is 8-9 hours of chatter as ordinary employees and managers, but during the work itself, distracting you from your immediate responsibilities. They really think that someone is interested in their poor opinion on things in which they are complete zeros. Well, maybe true, but they understand politics, berating the government on what light is and voting in the elections for him, because more alternatives anyway. Constant capite, snacks and rumor-bones of their colleagues, as a joke: someone at work today no? Oh, Yes, Oli! What a bitch she is … let’s talk about it. I note that all this is happening in the cultural capital.


Let’s move on to the work itself: here rather you will be disappointed, especially if you went to St. Petersburg for development, I emphasize, in the workplace. Usually chiefs are typical idiots, however across the country so who pretend that understand everything, but shifting all main work to ordinary employees, and as a result scolding them for jambs. In addition, they make standard comments to you, without delving into the essence of the issue. All the CEO needs is sales, and as they go, that’s the mood you get. It should be noted that there are adequate leaders, but they are so few throughout St. Petersburg that you just can not get to this.

Most of all, I wonder how much you have to be an idiot to abuse a professional in their field, while proving their ridiculous ideas to him. I worked in one firmeshke Moscow, because they are in contrast to St. Petersburg for 5000-10000₽ more a month to pay. So, the head of it Department of this company with foam at the mouth proved to me that duplicates of pages are a normal phenomenon. Also the site was in a complete ass, but he claimed to be well versed in SEO! But with such upercase you will have to deal with, to fulfill their initially incorrect assignments, but note, to write nice reports, to make the appearance that all is well.


We got to the point where you have to leave work and go home. Usually in time from work is not accepted to leave, because watching you camera, but if you left the office at 18.00, the employer will not appreciate, because the sun is still high, and the slave in the gallery did not have a lot of organizing. Be prepared for such an attitude to yourself, no matter what a Pro in your field you are, because the main thing for everyone is themselves, the navels of the earth. And culture has nothing to do with it.

About St. Petersburg the salaries of another story: for some reason I thought that pay more money in 2 cities of Russia. I was wrong, only one city pays a normal salary, unless of course you work in the right place. Most people in St. Petersburg get an average salary, and even less, so go constantly angry and unsmiling. In addition, they are used to seeing themselves above everyone, but to behave well… from what we can make a conclusion.


Go ahead, entertainment. Yes, in the metropolis a lot of different activities and places where you can go and relax, but if you are a married man and even with children, the time for Hiking pobuhat you have less. That is why most of the people have fun as follows: on weekdays – it’s work-home, and at the weekend-the Park, shopping center, booze. In principle, the standard holiday in Russia: to spend a lot of money, and then borrow them from a neighbor.
Tomorrow will be a new day and new congestion!


What is surprising in St. Petersburg

Smoking grandmothers crossing the street, or widespread enthusiasm for iPhones for a hundred thousand rubles.

There are a lot of beautiful girls here, but in order to be alone with one of them, get ready to provide a certificate of income, position and field of activity, a passport is not required. Alternatively, you can screw strhoop..n or buy whores.


Ie if you came from Alupki or other similar city, the maximum you will see Madame 40 years, with children and a lot of credit. Of which there are also many, and they are still looking for a native Petersburger, and with you they will only until they find a more suitable option.

No, of course there are good girls in every city, but they need to look for certainly not on the Internet or nightclub!



Already wrote earlier< / a> article how to look for work in St. Petersburg on specific examples. Now I wanted to talk about work in General. It is, and it pleases, because in the province it simply does not exist and people need to somehow survive. In Saint-Petersburg with search work more or less OK, but you need to understand that many jobs are hanging on gaharu conditions are below average. I. e. it is a low salary, no benefits and social package. In addition, get ready to immediately plow for two or three or combine several positions at once with the same ridiculous salary.

However, the requirements for the applicant is incredibly tough, you need to know almost everything from accounting to brand promotion on the Internet. I have long already understood, that in our country value more ass-licking, scum, corrupt creatures and other moral invalids, that is why on high governing you will find many such personalities. Especially among them are those who are nothing, got out of the Asses of geography and now believe that the life they have specified. Even despite the fact that the chief Fucks them in the ass on vacation in secret from his wife, and their swollen fifth point does not fit in any jeans.

Saw themselves in my post? So wrote the truth. Live the truth! True and true again!