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Homepage of the Cache – page caching in Joomla

Home Cache

Caching in Joomla is a special place, so this issue should be carefully considering the options.
Homepage Cache

Homepage Cache is a free plugin that allows you to cache certain pages by storing the data in the cache of the browser and not only.
First we will discuss the structure and its purpose.
Homepage of the Cache is an advanced caching plugin, unlike the built-in Joomla by default.
In addition, it is unlikely many people like the fact that the system plugin Joomla caches all the page, while sometimes you need to disable caching in the document where you want to display dynamic content like news feeds.
Why this plugin is called?
It’s simple – you usually need to apply caching on the home page!
This reduces the number of queries to documents and increases the speed of loading pages.
Before installing the plug – in was load Time: 1.354 seconds / memory Usage: 10.31 MB (10,814,760 bytes) / database Queries: 77 queries
After you install and activate the extension load Time: 0.353 seconds / memory Usage: 4.01 MB (4,202,216 bytes) / database Queries: 8 queries
Caching on a separate page with additional parameters.
Reducing requests to the server.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.