Clearing the history panel in the program Adobe Photoshop.
First you need to learn how to call the History in the program – go to menu Windows-History.
Панель History в Фотошоп
Now go to the settings panel (right side menu).
Let us examine all the points in order:
Step Forward (Shift+Ctrl+Z) – applies the following step of the user.
Step Backward (Alt+Ctrl+Z) returns to the previous step of the user.
New Snapshot – removing copies of the current image.
Delete – used to delete copies of the snapshot or step history.
Clear History – clears the list of user actions in the history panel.
New Document – creates a new document with the accounting done by the user changes.
History options window with settings for the history panel.
Панель History в Фотошоп
Панель History в Фотошоп
Automatically Create First Snapshot – automatically creates a new snapshot when the document is opened.
Automatically Create New Snapshot When Saving – automatically creates a new snapshot when the document is saved.
Allow Non-Linear History – the changes between the current action and the latter is not erased.
Show New Snapshot Dialog by Default – designed to display a dialog box with the new default.
Make Layer Visibility Changes Undoable – saves the layer opacity settings on subsequent developments.
Close – closes the history panel.
Close Tab Group – closes the panel group.