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Clearing the bar Histogram and its properties in Adobe Photoshop.
Панель Histogram в Фотошоп

Today we will discuss one of the most important panels called Histogram.
In this panel presents the color brightness of the image in a graphical diagram.
Go to the menu Window – Histogram to call the panel.
We must have a compact panel with graphic data about the brightness of the picture in RGB.
Now go to the top right menu panel and look at the items:
Compact View
Expanded View
All Channels View
Show Statistics
Show Channels in Color
Close Tab Group
Select Expanded View.
Here you can display the channels individually, or grouped in RGB.
Thus, you have a choice of red, green, blue colors, and all colors in the picture or the brightness of the image.
Go to the All Channels View.
Here you can see a separate table, which shows data about each color, as well as brief information about the photo.