Photoshop lessons

Add sharpness to photos in Photoshop

In order to increase the sharpness of the photo only need make a few clicks of your mouse.
Downloadable in Photoshop blurred image to be improved by enhancing the clarity of the contour.
Прибавить резкость
Next, create a duplicate layer by clicking on the layers panel, para .
Settings performed on the newly created layer and not on the original image.
Now go to menu Image-Adjustments-Desaturate to Desaturate the photo.
Then in the filter menu Filter-Other-Highpass and set the radius about 1 – 2 pixels.
For each image, this value will vary.
Click ОК and set the layer blend mode to Overlay. It’s possible to reduce the sharpness by putting, for example, the Opacity instead of 100% to 50-70%.
When the desired sharpness is obtained, keep the layers: Layer-Flatten Image.
The final result: