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Hide My Site hide your site from prying eyes in WordPress

Hide My Site

Select normal password to protect completely the site on the WordPress from search engines and public access. Only those visitors to your project who knows the password to it, will be able to access the site. This is a great solution, Hide My Site, is intended for WordPress developers and all other users / administrators of the sites, the extension allows you to block unwanted traffic and make the resource more flexible.

Hide My Site

Set the password by going to Settings > Hide My Site > Set Your Password (Settings > Hide My Site > set password). If you want to remove it, uncheck the checkbox next to Enable Password Protection (Enable password protection).


You can choose the duration in days – how many days you want to let the user typed a password. To do this, go to Settings > Hide My Site > Duration (Settings > Hide My Site > Duration).

For all

Protection Brute force, blocking access for users after failed login attempts to the system. This feature protects you from hackers trying to guess the password by a method of “Brute Force”. Protection can be toggled via the settings menu Settings > Hide My Site > Brute Force Protection (Settings > Hide My Site > Brute Force protection). You can also choose automatic access for the administrators of the site, which is very convenient.


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