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Header Tags – plugin to manage the tags h1-h6 in Joomla

Header Tags

The perfect solution in Joomla to control the header tags from h1 to h6.

Header Tags

This plugin gives you full control over the heading tags H1 – H6 on your website.
The extension searches for existing tags in the selected area and manages according to your preferences. Thus, if you need to change the H3 tag to H4, this component will help you with this.
By default, in the plugin settings checked for the H1 tag. If not, then the first found tag H2 to H1.
The content area (content area) – where the plugin looks for header tags.
The component is similar to the content section of your website. Thus, the plugin ignores the header tags that may be in your template or modules.
If you want to control all the header tags of your website, select entire page. For each tag you can specify obligatory, so one of the tags should at least exist. If it’s not in the system, you can choose which tags should be changed first.