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Joomla HD FLV Player component for the video portal on your website

HD FLV Player

HD FLV Player is a wonderful component which you will post your creations in the form of videos on your website. This plugin allows you to embed those settings, of which there are almost none of the analogs.
Joomla HD FLV Player

Besides the fact that you have a standard setup of width and height of the window, and the buttons play, stop, pause, HD mode, etc., you still have additional options, such as installing the ad code from Google Adsense or your ads that will be displayed while playing videos.
Also you can always share with other users of popular social networks, or send link to a friend e-mail. Embedding is enabled by default, which can be disabled like all the additional settings of the player.
Install the component and plugin for different types of players and additional settings.
Beautiful video player with unique additions in the form of advertising and much more.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.