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Module HD Background Selector Joomla is a unique website background

The purpose of this article is to identify the main features of the module HD Background in Joomla.

Модуль HD Background Selector

Let’s start with the basic properties of the module.
In the ID field is the inscription body, as we insert the module into the body of the document.
In paragraph background image select the desired image.
Next is the type of location in the graph type – set the desired value.
Now go to the form attachment, designed to select a fixed or moving the page.
Settings item repeat need to repeat the pattern, provided that you use them in picture or image format is too small and you want to distribute background on the entire page.
The following field – background color is to choose a background color, or set its transparency.
Also can set extra style in the form of additional CSS.
Count stress importance to add to CSS !important postfix. What it is and what it eats can be found in Wikipedia.
The ability to customize the background of the website by itself (individual pages, color, patterns, etc.).
Easy and intuitive menu settings.
Adjustment of the individual module properties, such as background transparency, its fixed position.


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