GuideGuide is a useful extension for Photoshop

GuideGuide is the perfect extension for Adobe Photoshop, which can facilitate such a task as splitting the image into several parts.

Moreover, it does not matter what size the document is, or how many parts you need to differentiate it – all parameters such as margins, width and height of cells are specified independently.
So, after installing the extension in Photoshop, go to menu Window – Extensions – GuideGuide and set the required settings.
Let’s consider in more detail what values influence on that in this panel extensions.
In order to split the document vertically and horizontally in two, you only need to click on the panel 3 buttons, which are located at the very bottom: this horizontal midpoint, vertical midpoint and click GG.
If you need to divide the image into several parts, enter data in the field number of rows, number of columns and click again click GG.
You can also set margins, for example, 50 pixels.
Or set the width and height of elements.
There are times when you want to save the template.
For these purposes, click on the button with the plus sign – new guide set.
Next, enter the name for this set and save it. In the future you will not have to enter data for specific settings.