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Go Live Update URLS – update your links on the fly

Go Live Update URLS

Using a special plugin called “Go Live Update URLS” you can update all links at once and on the fly. In addition, all URLS are updated directly in database, using search engines and robots the new path links. This is especially true if you change domain.
Go through the whole site and replace all the old links to new. Use this replacement if you change the domain name of the website.
Go Live Update URLS

If you need technical support, go to a Pro! Go Pro, so to speak…
The plugin works with a multi-language website and with conventional type of the project.


The select table for the table in the database in some cases,
Data support in the options and meta tables,
Easy set-up admin pages that can have many number of settings.

The updates of the whole website includes

Links to images,
The initial text
Meta data of posts
Custom fields
Widgets and information about them
Site settings and more

Screen administration panel is extendable for developers familiar with using filters and replacement patterns.

Can also be used in the table by adding a filter ‘go-live-update-urls-serialized-tables’.


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