Glassy Menu module drop down menu in Joomla


Today I will present information about the module drop down menu in Joomla called Glassy Menu. This is a great and beautiful menu that can highlight the important links. Key features: menu Position on the screen a Fixed position on the page setup of the indent from the top edge  the opacity menu when it hides an Infinite number of colors to display tabs, the Ability to change CSS buttons if you want to install a module:  [simple_tooltip:Position menu’]Menu position on the screen[/simple_tooltip] – select location menu (left or right) [simple_tooltip:Fixed menu browser’]Menu fixed to the browser[/simple_tooltip] menu static (fixed in the browser) or not [simple_tooltip:Top menu position’]The menu top position[/simple_tooltip]  is the indent from the top edge [simple_tooltip:Opacity’]Opacity[/simple_tooltip] – the transparency degree of menu [simple_tooltip:the distance between the menu items in pixels’]Distance between the menu items (px)[/simple_tooltip]  the padding between the menu items [simple_tooltip:Theme’]Theme[/simple_tooltip] – the style of menu items [simple_tooltip:Size’]Size[/simple_tooltip] (when you select a style – Carbonite) – size of menu items    you can Also configure the appropriate font and font options in the graph [simple_tooltip:select a font’]Font Chooser[/simple_tooltip]. module