Photoshop lessons

Create a glossy button in Adobe Photoshop

In our days, glossy buttons are very popular. You can find them both in Windows and on numerous websites. Today our lesson will be dedicated to creating a glossy buttons in Adobe Photoshop.
Создание глянцевой кнопки в Adobe Photoshop

Create a document size of 400 x 180 pixels, then press Ctrl+Shift+N for a new layer.
Now activate the tool Rounded Rectangle Tool and set the radius of the corners to 10 pixels. Select the black color by default and draw a rectangle on a new layer.
Then go to the settings of the blending options and apply the following layer settings for styles:
Gradient Overlay – changing the color of the right extreme of the slider to 50% gray, i.e., #808080.
Inner Glow – turn on the inner glow, bill white, change the opacity to 40%, the size of 8 pixels.
Stroke – the stroke size to 1 pixel, color #808080.
Drop Shadow – change the distance to 0 pixels and a size of 8 pixels.
Press the OK button.
Select tool Horizontal Type Tool and create the inscription “Button”, or what you like…
Press Ctrl+Shift+N, and selecting a white color by default, draw a rectangle with rounded corners, which will occupy about half of our button height.
Again, go to blending mode and set the following options: put a check in the Blend Interior Effects as Group, turn on the gradient and choose the color of the leftmost slider on #404040.
Now change the blending mode of layer to Screen and reduce the opacity to 90%. Our button now looks finished. At any time you can change its color by selecting the appropriate settings overlay.