Ночной режим / Night mode

In our days, glossy buttons are very popular. You can find them both in Windows and on numerous websites. Today our lesson will be dedicated to creating a glossy buttons in Adobe Photoshop.
Создание глянцевой кнопки в Adobe Photoshop

Create a document size of 400 x 180 pixels, then press Ctrl+Shift+N for a new layer.
Now activate the tool Rounded Rectangle Tool and set the radius of the corners to 10 pixels. Select the black color by default and draw a rectangle on a new layer.
Then go to the settings of the blending options and apply the following layer settings for styles:
Gradient Overlay – changing the color of the right extreme of the slider to 50% gray, i.e., #808080.
Inner Glow – turn on the inner glow, bill white, change the opacity to 40%, the size of 8 pixels.
Stroke – the stroke size to 1 pixel, color #808080.
Drop Shadow – change the distance to 0 pixels and a size of 8 pixels.
Press the OK button.
Select tool Horizontal Type Tool and create the inscription “Button”, or what you like…
Press Ctrl+Shift+N, and selecting a white color by default, draw a rectangle with rounded corners, which will occupy about half of our button height.
Again, go to blending mode and set the following options: put a check in the Blend Interior Effects as Group, turn on the gradient and choose the color of the leftmost slider on #404040.
Now change the blending mode of layer to Screen and reduce the opacity to 90%. Our button now looks finished. At any time you can change its color by selecting the appropriate settings overlay.