This plugin is probably the best gallery, photo album, slider, a carousel of images, a portfolio for WordPress. It’s called simple Gallery is a Photo Albums.

Gallery – Photo Albums – photo albums in WordPress

Plugin to create on the website photo albums and photo galleries allows you to create several types of media content such as gallery, slideshow, photo album, portfolio, as well as the usual pictures to put in a slider or pop-up window, carousel, popular video hosting Youtube, audio, etc. the Perfect solution for WordPress!.
Externally customizable gallery
This component is able to be customized and allows you to set and edit the colors, positions, grid, image size, hover effects using control panel in the administrative part of the project.
If you want to save time, then easy to manage panel will help to make the resource informative and beautiful, you don’t need to know programming and code. In addition, to configure the gallery and portfolio is not difficult.
Easily create galleries using the type of loading multiple images, store photos, and choose them using shortcode generator codes. Your gallery is ready within a few minutes. There is no need again to load all the pictures, and to set the rights to folders with them. You can select and insert a photo that was already uploaded to the library of WordPress. When you upgrade the normal version to the Pro you have the ability to create galleries with navigation, filters and more than 10 styles of pop-UPS.
Photo albums
With lite version of this plugin you can create up to three photo albums or galleries (maximum 15 images in album). You can upgrade to the Pro version to do unlimited number of galleries and albums.
Your slider images / Photos slider
With Pro version you can create a slider very easy. Also the developer is a plugin for creating sliders from photos called Image Slider Plugin.
The image carousel
In the Pro version you will create a fast carousel. The same applies to the slider the Image Carousel plugin.
Video gallery
This solution allows you to embed and display videos using lightbox effect. There is a possibility to insert a blog, Youtube, Vimeo and MP4 format. The Pro version of this plugin able to use HTML5 interface.
Audio gallery
You can also insert not only video but also audio. There is a support service Soundcloud, and Reverbnation in the Pro version.
Google Map
A popular format for business, in the latest version can be displayed streets.
Video and audio features
Easy Media Gallery supports a huge range of video and audio formats. Simply enter the video link or Youtube/Vimeo, or mp3. Available embedding videos from the following sites:
Google Video
Audio sites:
MP3 on the server

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