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Freebitcoin and all? all?


The freebitcoin crane is by right number one among all currently existing and available similar projects, as time and payouts show. There are, of course, not bad cranes, but the recent events related to the rise in price of digital currency showed that new projects do not withstand any competition with proven sites like freebitco. All real paying projects can be found at page.


The situation is very bad with such projects as free-litecoin and their own etherium digital currency crane, as representatives of these sites simply started blocking users who did not make deposits. This is done extremely simply: they tell you that you use scripts and automated programs, although before and even after that you can go to these sites. In their new creation about tether – even a message comes out that you do not make a deposit – you do not collect coins in the form of bitcoins 1 time per hour! I.e., in fact, the developers of these sites already at the beginning of their investments want to repulse them with deposits and sort out “freeloaders”, but we can go in a simple way – to block access to such countries as…


So, freebitcoin is a really great crane for those who decided to earn from “bits” because it is NOT an exchange where you can lose everything, but also if you play, you should know HOW. I recommend not to play at all, at least on the main account, because it’s still a bad idea: the project is designed more to attract referrals, rather than to increase your amount on the account. With the help of attracting new users, everyone wins (if everyone works, of course): referral earns a percentage of deposited funds, which, in turn, is set by those who attract people. It’s true that these statements only work if you play fully automatically.

All working cranes are presented on our website at separate page, which, of course, is updated, supplemented, changed.


Fribbitcoin 2021 is probably even more interesting “chips” in the form of a wheel of luck. Yes, the site has a so-called subscription, where 1-2 times a day you get an email with a link to spin the Wheel of Fortune. The winnings are rather interesting components – they are both usual 50 satoshi and iPhone of the latest model. Sure, the satsoshi will be much more frequent in the Wheel of Fortune than the iPhones, but what do you care: getting free stuff in the form of digital signatures on your account…

You can’t be too careful, because the amount of rewards and bonuses that you win from the Wheel of Fortune will be much higher than the amount of iPhones.

You can join the project anytime you want. Go to link, register and remember to log in once per hour. You can simply leave the tab open and check the alert option: this way you will not miss any important information. Oh, and don’t forget to put two-factor verification, because a lot of shrewd cunts can pick up passwords, steal your data from email, and so on. But they don’t have access to your phone…


Specially for those who are in a tank: the site pays and has been around for over 5-7 years, which alone says a lot + to this in contrast to other resources, it keeps working (maybe not always as clockwork, but still). Registration is completely free, as well as participation in games and other “pluses” of the site!