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Freezelight, or how to draw.

Фризлайт, или как рисовать светом

Many of us loved to draw on a piece of plain paper in the childhood lessons in school, and now these people can use this technique to draw on matrix camera, as “Freezelight”, which means “frozen light”. The meaning of this technique lies in the fact that the camera is set from 5 seconds and above exposure (long), and in the dark in front of the lens you want to draw the image light (point light source). As a result you can get a great surrealist picture, and also to diversify your portfolio (photographers).
Фризлайт, или как рисовать светом

Let’s look at the basic principles of painting with light, and also look at examples of usage of this technique with specific examples.
Freezelight is not a very complex drawing techniques, nevertheless, you should know some of the features of this method of drawing.
Different colors
If you are just beginning your journey in this direction, you should know that you can use different colors, but a stable source of light, so candles or any sources are not suitable. Also it is best to take saturated colors to shades was grease. Lasers and other intense sources are best avoided, because SLR cameras can damage the camera.
Use of a tripod
Due to the fact that photography is a long exposure, you need to use such a device as a tripod or tripod.
Throughout the shooting process you need to make sure that the camera was stationary – otherwise you will get a blurry picture and lost time.
Pitch black
Try while shooting to use dark clothes. Also useful would be taking pictures at night or in the dark, as any light source (even sunlight through curtains or blinds) can affect the final result.
Training and attempts
As corny as it may sound, but you need to train constantly, as the first time you are unlikely to get something worthwhile. In addition, the need to train and spatial imagination, which helps to make the picture “alive”. Therefore, exercise and try to make images of organic and beautiful!
Planning snapshot
Plan your picture in advance, as in the case of complex objects, you may have difficulties. Earn a variety of objects, as well as control the axis of symmetry, as these criteria will be key when shooting in the dark.