Pros and cons of freelance sites in Russia

Фриланс в России

I’ll start with the fact that cons in the field of freelancing in Russia much more than the pros, no matter what you do not say at any seminars, webinars, blogs and the like. Let’s understand why this is happening and find the reasons for the dissatisfaction of many executors of orders that have to hand over the finished work to the client in a short time.

Плюсы и минусы бирж фриланса в России

1. Runtime

If you think that the terms of freelancing is quite moderate, then you are deeply mistaken. In most cases, clients turn to those who are ready to solve problems faster, and the better it will be done, the greater the chance to win the dispute among students, schoolchildren and just people who are ready to take on any job on the exchange.
In addition, if the job is easy, some customers may put a final period of 12 hours or less, everyone always has a deadline, so get ready for the rush and possible fixes, right during the time of the order. All this hits the other tasks that you lead in parallel, and, of course, on your weak nerves.

Плюсы и минусы бирж фриланса в России

2. Quality of goods

Immediately warn those who want to do everything perfectly: here you will not be able to perform a lot of work, because do not meet the deadlines (read above), instead you will constantly justify to the client and say that you still need a little time and you will succeed. Naturally, the customer begins to demand the delivered work and already finds fault with any detail to reduce the already ridiculous price.
The second option: you are used to doing everything on the road..Vali-this method works, but not for long. After a few negative reviews your portfolio can simply throw in the trash. Yes, you yourself do not like to do difficult tasks, and they a priori will be difficult, believe me!

Плюсы и минусы бирж фриланса в России

3. Cost of works

About the price of your work should be told separately, so that you do not have the opinion that leaving the five – day work in freelance you will at least get the same money-just will not, at least on a regular basis.
As for the cost of work, it, of course, depends on you, but in fact for simple and interesting tasks you will have to fight with a group of all ready petty schoolchildren (read 1 point). To make you immediately understand what is at stake: they are taken for 500₽ to make a full-fledged website with modifications, logo creation and HTML, css layout.
Плюсы и минусы бирж фриланса в России
What do you think the customer gets in the end?
And here’s what: on the knee laid out a template with a bunch of errors in the code, the inability to fully work on any cms. Also with errors or malfunction of the forms of sending the order, pressing any buttons and many other defects. All this after a nervous breakdown of the customer is supplemented by the phrase “what did you want for 500₽? I’m still only on 1 course of philosophic-philological faculty! Learn…”
After that, the client automatically begins to think that 500₽ is expensive, and you need to either demand more from other job seekers, or raise the price of normal professionals. What do you think people decide in Russia? That’s right, option 1, the most worthless and deshman of all (just like on Aliexpress).
Why professionals USUALLY do not work through the exchange, or work for trusted people? The answer is simple-the Commission of the exchange itself + the Commission of the payment system through which the withdrawal of earned money is carried out.
Here is an example: you have an order for quark (one of the most popular freelance exchanges in Russia) worth 500₽. No matter what you did and how much time you spent on it, in the end you get the following: 500₽ minus 20% exchange Commission!!! Sucka, twenty percent, for what? For the client brought to you on 500₽??? Turns out 400₽ left. Next is the Commission’s withdrawal of WebMoney, the more the Russian service, not to be confused with shit. And if you withdraw money to the card or just pay for something on the Internet, then from this amount deduct another Commission of WebMoney.
That get net in end for a good work, emphasize! 400₽ minus a fee for putting money in WebMoney and withdrawal from them for payment of goods or services = approximately 350 a long way!!!! I. e. that you have no illusions, the cost of your work is reduced to zero.
No, well, as an option to earn extra money and buy in addition to the official salary of a ticket and put the money through WebMoney on the cell (as I do, and the price tag is usually more expensive) no one is against, but you need to weigh the pros and cons before you agree to a new job, because freeloaders on the stock exchanges enough, and you can simply burn at work.

Плюсы и минусы бирж фриланса в России

4. Client feedback

With regards to reviews – a separate issue, also running in the negative because the negative feedback can be absolutely anything: a bad mood the customer is not delivered in time project (not your fault, but, alternatively, changes and fixes), once beliefs of the client about what needs to be done differently to improve the problem (as a rule, in Russia is better in any field understands the one who pays money, that is why it is all done through the ass!), you like to argue and many other reasons.

Плюсы и минусы бирж фриланса в России

5. Summary

To work or not on freelance-it’s up to you, I, for example, will solve problems, but only more or less adequately evaluated – this is the first. I also learned to negotiate with people not only about the cost, but also the quality of tasks that saves me time-this is the second. Well, third, it’s just not the only way to make money for me.
Therefore, if you evaluate this type of work as an additional source of income, it is normal if you want to leave the five – day working week, then-no.
In addition, you need to consider a lot of nuances that go along with exchanges and low wages. But there is only one advantage of such execution of orders: you collect your own database of customers (I mean adequate and paying good amounts, Yes, there are such, but it is a unit), later after performing several qualitatively made works, they will already contact you directly, bypassing intermediaries, which are freelance exchanges.

Плюсы и минусы бирж фриланса в России