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Freedogeon is a fairly new BTC crane that allows you to collect digital signs by clicking a button once an hour, and you will receive a certain number of satos in different currencies: DOGE|BTC|ETH|USDT|USDC|HT|LEO|BNB.

This approach has the following advantages: you will be able to follow the exchange rates of different types of currencies while studying your portfolio, and you will be able to exchange one currency for another. Another advantage is the interesting system of bonuses in the form of deposits, which help increase the amount by several times within a given period of time (more on that later).



The so-called “interest”, which consists of saving and multiplying funds in digital characters, according to the site’s plan. In other words: You sign up for a certain number of days and earn a higher percentage of the amount invested.


Referral system


There is a strategy to attract new users: if you click 1 time per hour from your invitee you get 50%! of your main winnings, 0.40% from the Multiply game, etc. Unlike freebitcoin – not much different…


The multiplication game – Multiply


Analog to the above project, with the difference that here not only drain the amount, but also accumulate it long enough, so it’s up to you to play or not!


Earnings levels


In general, the system is this: you earn extra money when a user you refer buys a subscription.


Miscellaneous currency


DOGE|BTC|ETH|USDT|USDC|HT|LEO|BNB is not just a set of English letters, it is a list of digital currencies that you can get on the project, and therefore you have more possibilities than with one bitcoin…


This is an example of how you can get digital money for free.



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