Ночной режим / Night mode

Today I will teach you how to get rid of freckles, or other “unnecessary” (according to some) parts on the face of the person using the program Adobe Photoshop. And also we’ll look at how to apply different effects and filters to the skin.
Как избавиться от веснушек в Фотошоп

To begin with, take a photo of the person with konopushki. As you can see in the image a lot of work to edit and improve the skin.
Duplicate our original layer in Photoshop and go to menu Filter-Blur-Surface Blur.
By this action, we soften the transitions of the skin and make it soft and smooth, and remove some of konopasek.
Configure this filter will be different in each case, as the resolution and quality of images differs from each other, so you have to make them yourself. In my particular example, I used the following settings:
After you apply the filter Surface Blur you should now have smooth skin, but the thing is that details, such as lips, nose, eyes, etc. have also become blurred. Let’s fix that…
Create a mask for the top layer and taking up the brush with the following settings, start to erase the blurred parts of the lips, edges, eyes, etc.
Note: the color of the brush should be black in the case of removal of parts, and white – in the event of a return to the previous level.
Let’s look at an intermediate stage of processing photos. As you can see from the picture, needs a little more definition to the skin, as it does not look realistic.
To do this, we just diminished the opacity of the top layer. The approximate value is 50-55%.
Now the result is already better, but all the way from freckles we never got rid of. What to do next?
If you edit a face with a small number of “defects”, it is possible to apply the following treatment option:
Create another duplicate layer with Ctrl + J. Apply the same layer mask as in the previous layer.
To do this, simply hold the Alt key and drag the mask for the top layer to the bottom.
After that, go to menu Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur.
Exhibited approximately the same settings (remember, for each image, they will be different).
Why we did this step? In order that the skin became softer, but remained smooth and more or less realistic than on the original. Remove the opacity of the newly created layer to about 30-40%.
The resulting image is similar to the end result, but still have “flaws”. How to remove them?
Create a new layer by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E. Therefore, we will make all layers into one and simplify the task of processing photos. Learn more about this feature can be read here.
Now just take the tool Patch Tool and start editing photos.
Compare the source with the processed photo.
As you can see with the naked eye, the skin became much better and prettier. The realism of the skin remained at an acceptable level, which means that we coped with the task!