Photoshop lessons

Action for Photoshop – frame for any image (version 1.0)

Very often you need to put in a frame image, but, unfortunately, if this is the same type of problem for most photos, it’s becoming tedious. For these purposes, and serves as the operation (action) for Photoshop, to alleviate the plight of designers and all who handle the pictures.

The next version of this action
To begin with we show that do this operation.
Will take any size image up to 550 pixels in width, then install the action in Photoshop, and uploaded the photo into the program.
Now just run the action, having remembered where the folder with that extension and any additional files, as action will require the location of one of them is the basis for further manipulation (frame.psd).
In principle, this is all you need to know, as the Photoshop action does the rest – fills a frame for the image. The only action that is required from you is to control the location of the frame, and if desired, just adjust it with the sliders and then press Enter.
Now explain why 2 posted action! One called SMALL Image intended for processing photos with the size to 550 pixels in width, and the second – LARGE Image for large format (over 550 pixels).
The principle is the same – just action a little edit for features of large size, as the PSD file has a size of 550х423 px.
Press the panel Actions button to LARGE Image and produce a similar operation.

рамка для любого изображения