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Photo stars or just Fotostars online photo editor


The Fotostars online photo editor is a simple but functional options and settings. Using this tool in online mode, you can change the color of the photo and apply a border to it and change the contrast and brightness, to improve the sharpness of your photos, and much more.
фоторедактор Fotostars

To start working with the photo editor you need to click on the blue button and proceed to download your image. After that you will have available the basic functions of this editor, such as:

The orientation of the picture


Most effects are those that change color and General appearance brightness, contrast, and other photo data. An example of a kind of Instagram on the computer.

Further there are different variations of the framework (mostly black and white). Whatever the reason, their color cannot be changed. Or rather you can, but in the Photoshop.

Orientation (don’t know why it is called a paragraph) in the editor everything is fine – in this tab, you can rotate the image horizontally, vertically, etc.

If you like memes and demotivators, pay your attention to the paragraph where it is possible to insert text at the bottom and top.

Focus is an important part of any image, so this setting should be considered a very useful and timely step from the developers.

Contrast, brightness and red, green and blue color change here.

After all operations you can save the photo and upload it by clicking on the button at the top of the screen.

To use the effects and settings of this editor you can by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.