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Fotojet – a new service for photographers – photo editor online


We present to your attention a relatively new but very effective online service, which is a complete photo editor with a huge variety of features and options. In this article, we will describe only the main points of the photo editing process, and consider all settings in this category. In the following material we will try to cover more effects, the text, add clipart.

To start working with the editor, visit our website. Now you need to select a picture (or upload from computer or use an example, there is an option with Facebook).
It looks like the image loaded from the hard disk of the computer, and which we will use to change in Fotojet.
In the edit section of the photos are a lot of options, let’s look at them in more detail and in detail.
The very first point, and perhaps the most popular of them is Auto Enhance. Of course, it is easier to click on 1 button instead of the pair of sequential actions, but it may be more useful still manually change photo.
Framing is the next paragraph in editing. And probably one of the most popular in Photoshop and any other graphics editor. It is worth noting the option of choosing proportions and ready-made templates that will help to master the technique.
Resize image using the following function. You can set the field width and height private values, and also to remove the aspect ratio by clicking on the icon with the lock.
Turn the easy – click on the desired location or use the buttons and turning it anti-clockwise.
Change color for photos and giving it a brighter tone when using this option. A very useful tool with the right approach.
To change the exposure you can with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Clear photos it is possible to obtain not only good lighting, but using a special tool Sharpen.
Dehaze is a new feature for the flagship Photoshop, and any other self-respecting photo editor. Here it is possible to remove haze from the image, to make it more accurate and vivid.
Vignette, a well – known mechanism for the allocation of the object in the picture, which is perfect not only for this purpose. Good item for almost any photo.
Add noise – the right thing only at certain points or give an old photo effect and the artwork.
Focus is undoubtedly the right thing. But only in certain conditions, so using this function is very limited. Although, there are even popular today filters applied in Photoshop is Tilt Shift and Radial Focus. To read about these filters blur for the image here.
Once you have done all the necessary steps, save the creation on the hard drive of your computer or share with the readers of this blog, for example.
For selection of Russian language use English (this is, unfortunately, not a joke but a reality!)
You can also register in the online service for quick access to the latest changes and previously edited your images.

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