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FormBuilder – build your own forms in WordPress


This plugin allows you WordPress and bloggers in particular it easy to create interesting feedback form for your site to use on your pages and posts. It’s called FormBuilder.


Form Builder plugin for WordPress helps to build feedback forms in the admin panel of the website without specific knowledge of PHP or HTML.
The developer has tried to do everything to make it very easy to use this component, and configure it on your own.
Easily build complex forms without any HTML knowledge and code
Pre-create feedback forms for quick access and settings
Installation in any place of your project
Multiple forms on one page
The division of forms on a few pages
Personalize auto-replies to send to the visitor
Optional saving of all data forms in the database
The anti-spam capabilities built in
Captcha technology
Can be translated into the desired language
Akismet and IP check spam
Access control and much more