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Flyout Tabs – popup tab on the left in Joomla

Flyout Tabs

Flyout Tabs is a great module to display the side panel, made in the form of occasional side tabs that you can substitute any image.
Flyout Tabs

You can use this component to display a side tab list with images, clicking on which will occur the transition you specified for the link. The total amount that you can put in 1 time is 15 different tabs (links, titles to them).
Flyout Tabs uses the JQuery script library, which can be downloaded directly from the module.
This extension has been tested many times, so it should work on all sites. It is best to publish the module in “debug” if it is in your template.
The ability to install up to 15 tabs with different images.
Download the script directly from the module, no need to install additional components.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.