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The flying baby – Photocall children and their parents

In a previous article by todoroki and we discussed the idea of a photo shoot with kids dressed in various costumes. Now we will see how you can remove your child floating in the air, while not using the popular program Adobe Photoshop.
фотосессия детей и их родителей

This kind of photography introduced by Polish photographers and parents concurrently Waluda Ania and Michal Zawer. They figured out how to take a picture of his daughter amid flying objects and are arranged in a special order.
Looking at such non-standard photo shoot, you can come up with something of their own work of art.
It should be noted that all visual effects were created by photographers without the use of various graphic editors.
Used when shooting such simple things as: mattress, pillow, books, etc.
The idea, as they say, is in the air, so the flying kid is a great idea to create a good photo shoot.
And, most importantly, we are able to come up with something like that!
Летающий ребёнок