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Joomla Module – Simple Flickr Slideshow

Today we will talk about the module, I very long searched the Internet. Its name – Simple Flickr Slideshow. It is intended primarily to display photos from a remote website, the popular image hosting – Flickr.

Модуль Joomla - Simple Flickr Slideshow

Convenient than this module is for the end user and how it differs from others like him?
First, all the images are not stored on your host and on the remote server, and you are free to choose and change the images as you choose.
Secondly, it is possible to use both on the same page 2 of the same module, i.e. to make 2 different slideshow module for individual items of text, etc.
Thirdly, the choice of basic settings such as the interval between the slides, navigation bar, padding, automatically starts playback.
The choice of the basic module settings, such as width, height, image, and other.
Simultaneous use of 2 identical modules on 1 page.
Storage of photos on popular image hosting service.
Beautiful design of the navigation bar and much more.


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