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Today we will talk about the remarkable extension pack to create relative paths, be it a category or list of articles in Joomla.

FJ Related Articles Blog

Have you ever tried to insert your article in multiple categories? It is practically impossible taking into account the specifics of the structure of the CMS.
But there is a solution for these goals. It is called FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component.
First of all it is necessary to mention that the plugin allows the user to create a blog or a list of documents based on keywords of the user.
This way you can make any number of menu categories, which will display articles based on combinations of words and expressions.
Creating blog articles for keywords is similar to the process of creating categories or any other component from the settings Menu – main menu – create menu item.
Since the number of options is very large, we consider only some of them.
So, we have a selection of items such as Intro Article, where can I download the required material and system according to the certain scheme will take into consideration the key expression of it.
Here you set up options matches all keywords or some of them, recruitment by author or pseudonym. It is also possible to determine the condition of the article – it is published or is in the archive, the selection of categories of which should be taken materials, etc.
In the next menu, see the visibility settings of the individual components: the introductory article, the introductory text, the number of elements on the page, headings, etc.